Punting Cambridge – Why us?

There are many reasons why we think you should choose us, the fact that we are charming and debonair being among them, but here are the most intelligent and practical reasons why we should be your best bet.


We have over 25 years of experience between us.

With that knowledge you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing and that we understand our customers, in other words ‘you’. There are few requests that we’ve never heard and we have, more often than not, found a way to work with them. We don’t just have the will, but also the knowledge and skills to be able to make your wish our command.

We offer the personal touch.

We’re a small and close knit business which has it’s own advantages. You will never, for instance, be passed from pillar to post when you call us and, if you are working on a large and specialised booking, that requires multiple telephone conversations and complex arrangements, you will be assured of consistent dialogue with a genuine decision maker who will never let you down.

We pick our chauffeurs with the utmost care.

Again, this is in part because we are so small, this means that we are not in any hurry to recruit an army of chauffeurs, instead we work to make sure that we pick only the very best and brightest. We ask for a minimum of two seasons experience so you always know that you’re in good hands.

We encourage all our guides to do their own research and develop their own style.

Our guys never work from a script and we frown on a formulaic approach. Though the historical facts will always remain the same, we believe that each and every one of our chauffeurs is in a position to inject their own unique personalities and perspectives into their tours.

We work to make sure that our knowledge of the city of Cambridge goes well beyond the waterways.

Our service doesn’t begin and end with a guided tour of the river Cam, we know that to make your experience genuinely memorable there needs to be a few finishing touches. We have worked to develop relationships with local caterers and restaurants, bars and even musicians, all of whom will lend us their services to give your trip some sparkle. Beyond that we can advise you on your adventure before and after your tour with tips on the best places to eat and drink, if you’re lucky we may even be able to get you a discount or two.

We have full public liability insurance.

While it is requisite to have this kind of insurance if you are going to run a punting operation, there are a few cowboys out there. We aren’t one of them.