Punting Cambridge – Music on the Cam

Musical Punting in Cambridge



Imagine that you are floating along the Cam with your best beloved, a glass of champagne in your hand and the scent of a dozen red roses in your nostrils. What could finish this perfect scene better than to be romantically serenaded by a solo violinist? Picture a birthday party with balloons and cake and streamers, then add to it a guitarist playing some raucous party tunes. Whatever the occasion, music can always help to set the tone, and there is no music quite like live music.

Admittedly we would struggle to fit an entire orchestra on the punt, we may even have a little trouble with a band, but that’s not to say that we can’t find someone to play your favourite tunes, in your favourite style, just to make your Cambridge Punting Tour the very best that it can possibly be. Give us call and we’ll be happy to look for an artist to fit the bill.

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