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How about some Cambridge Punting for your Birthday?

It’s the one day a year when you are allowed, neigh expected, to knowingly spoil yourself for having made it through another year on this earth. Cambridge is a fantastic place to visit for a birthday, simply because there’s such a wide variety of bars, restaurants and activities to choose from. No matter what you’re into, Cambridge will have something to suit your tastes, but if you fancy something extra special and quintessentially Cambridge, you can’t go wrong with a punting tour.

But don’t just stop at taking a Cambridge punting tour, make it into a Cambridge Punting Birthday Extravaganza. You can come early and decorate the punt with balloons and bunting and banners, bring along some cake and some drinks and have a party on the boat. But then, why do all of that yourself when we can do it for you? Give us all and tell us all about your dreams for your birthday bash and we’ll see if we can’t make them all come true.

DISCLAIMER: Balloons and decorations are NOT included and must be specifically requested in additional cost to the £90 or £110 charge for the basic punting package.

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