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If nothing else, we aim to please.

If you have a special occasion you want us to cater for such as a bride to be or a birthday boy with a penchant for all things dark and mysterious or even if you just prefer to be terrified surrounded by the comfort of familiar faces, we are more than happy to adapt to your needs and arrange something just for you. We can accept groups as small as two or as large as forty, and soon as you have our attention all to yourselves, you can, of course, begin to make special requests to direct your tour towards your own unique interests.

But why stop at a walking tour? If you wish, we can combine your ghostly walking tour with a ghostly Cambridge punting tour. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your event with you.

The following tours are all available to book privately:

The Haunted Cambridge Tour

The quintessential Cambridge ghost walk of all the most haunted spots including a taste of real life ghost hunting. On a private tour you can even choose the area of investigation. Where do you think the real ghosts are?

Colleges and Corpses Tour

A theatrical tour lead by a little victorian lady who is not so innocent as she seems. You will learn about murder, mayhem, grave-robbing and vampires and will get to see the hangman’s house. Perfect for those with a sense of fun.

Wickedness and Witchcraft

From witch trials and dunking to alchemy and occultism in the colleges, the wicked Mr Crowley and beyond. You will get to experience the history of magic and mystery in this Cambridge walking tour. But is witchcraft all that you imagined it to be and where are the witches now?

Haunted Pub Tour

There’s more than one kind of spirit to be reckoned with on this tour. Rather than drag you through the streets we will take you on a tour of the most haunted pubs in our fair city, providing you with more than enough dutch courage to face the horrors that await you. This tour also includes tarot readings for you and your group.

Ghost Hunt and Punt

Did you think a Cambridge Punting Tour was all about relaxing on the river? Little do you know the terrors that the tranquil waters hide. The Cam is the location for more than a few strange phenomena and ghostly sightings. Why not put your skepticism to the test and combine a mysterious tour of the water with a ghost hunt?

Tarot Card Readings

What is your destiny? Have you ever cared to know? We can arrange for an experienced Tarot card reader to meet you on any one of our tours. She can tell you your future, let’s hope it’s a long and fruitful one.

Private Ghost Tours