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Did you think witches and witchcraft were the stuff of legend and story books?

Something best left to novelists and folklorists? Think again. On this fascinating tour we will introduce you to real witchcraft that is neither wicked nor practiced by women in pointy hats with warts on their noses.

We will walk you past the famous Cambridge colleges and introduce you to the scientific face of witchcraft and the alchemical and occultist practices that compelled much of the research of such famous names as Sir Isaac Newton.

Imagine how these figures in academic robes, carrying books down the winding ancient corridors of the university, may have helped to form the modern conceptualisation of wizards and given rise to Terry Pratchett’s Unseen University and even Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

If all this seems a little too tame for you, how about a brush with ‘the Wickedest Man on Earth’?

We will show you the place where Aleister Crowley first encountered the occult and where he practiced his earliest magical ceremonies but was he the man you think he was?

Known by his friends for his sense of humour and his passionate investment in the concept of life and liberty for all, he may have been a dangerous and frightening libertine in his day but can he be judged as harshly by modern eyes?

Having seen witchcraft among the spires, we will take you across the water to the Cambridge fens and back in time to an era when the local wise woman would fear for her life and the pursuit of healing through herbs could mean a death sentence. We will introduce you to the beliefs and traditions of the original witches of Cambridge and share with you their harrowing fate at the hands of the notorious witch finders.

And where are they now, the witches of yesteryear?

Are they gone forever? A relic of another age? Be prepared to see the world anew and to be amazed.

If you wish, you can combine your walking tour with a some traditional Cambridge Punting.
There is more to be seen by water than you might imagine. The strange, mysterious and magical awaits.

Magic & Witchcraft