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This quintessential Cambridge Ghost tour

Takes you past the ancient colleges and down the hidden backstreets of our spectacular city on a quest for the spectres of lives long since past. This atmospheric walking tour will take you to the locations of frequent spectral sightings, not just in the superstitious past but also in the present day. Many sightings having taken place as recently as this year.

We will take you to some of the most famous sights in Cambridge and reveal to you the terrifying tales that lurk behind their magnificent facades. The skeptical among you will be entertained by the histories of dead scholars, students and local characters who are said to haunt the streets and those of you whose hearts believe may be left quaking in your boots.

We hope not just to regale you with stories but also to give you a first hand experience of the supernatural as we conclude each tour with a ghost hunt at Cambridge’s most haunted spot. You will have the opportunity to see genuine ghost hunters at work and to witness the techniques and equipment that they use to make their investigations. Who knows, you may even have a ghostly experience of your own.

This tour is quite commonly combined with a Cambridge Punting Tour in a ghostly punt and hunt. Over more than two hours of thrills and spills, you will be introduced to every ghost and ghoul that Cambridge city has to offer. Beware, you may never sleep again.

Haunted Cambridge Tour