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Murder and mayhem and all things dark and disturbing.

Cambridge has it’s share of skeletons in the closet and this tour will take you right to the very centre of it’s dark heart. From the grave-robbers who supplied the medical students their cadavers to tales of Cambridge’s very own vampire, we will introduce you to a side of Cambridge that is beyond your very worst nightmares.

To guide you on your tour is the mysterious Miss Mary Reeder, dressed in Victorian garb and with more than a few secrets of her own. Walking you to the hangman’s house and the site of many an execution, she will tell you all about gruesome murders and terrifying ghouls. She may even take a moment to tell you about what happened to her sister and her own day of reckoning with the hangman’s noose.

Will you try to save Miss Mary from her fate or does she deserve her punishment?

Do you believe in vampires? And what about you? What are you hiding? Are you brave enough to face the beast within?

Why call the evening at an end after your walking tour when there is more to be seen by water?

Why not combine your Cambridge Ghost tour with a ghostly Cambridge punting tour?

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