Punting Cambridge – School/international Students

Cambridge Punting tours for School trips


It’s often easy to believe that today’s children are never happy without an electronic device in their hand but it’s surprising and gratifying how captivated they can be by the simple things.

A Cambridge Punting Tour can offer them something truly out of the ordinary which will inspire their imagination and hold their interest for at least as long as it takes to learn a little history or a few new skills.

We understand that planning a school trip is a minefield of careful planning and our Booking Team will be more than happy to provide you with the information and support you need to make that light work. Whether you are looking for a guided tour with your own chauffeur to explain the sites in enthralling detail or whether you are looking for a self-hire opportunity, we will help you to arrange the perfect day out for your charges.

School bookings and activities come with excellent discounts too, so you should never struggle to ensure that your adventures with punting in Cambridge stay well within budget.

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