Punting Cambridge – Corporate Punting

Corporate Punting Tours in Cambridge

The modern working world is fast paced and high pressure.

Whether it’s your clients you need to impress or your staff that you need to reward and motivate, a Cambridge Punting Tour can offer something truly out of ordinary.

We can offer a punting tour of Cambridge as a treat for your team or a restful chauffeured punting service to and from a corporate event to make your staff and clients really feel that they’re being treated to something special.

Equally, while an aggressive round of paint balling may present an opportunity to build teams, it’s also pitch warfare without the loss of life, why not bring your team together in a less aggressive environment and give them the opportunity to learn new skills while enjoying each other’s company?

We are happy to organise a bespoke event designed to cater to your specific needs. Just give us a call and we will be happy to talk through your expectations and the services available.

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